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Since 2001, Local Buy has been a trusted procurement partner to hundreds of organisations and thousands of buyers, delivering innovative procurement solutions. Our team are well known leaders in probity services, pre-qualified supplier arrangements, procurement technology and procurement services, with a core focus to advance procurement. Our experience sets us apart in approach, delivery and outcomes.

In 2020, we created the Nex Gen Procurement System and have since expanded our offering to a full ecosystem of additional products and services to meet the full procurement needs of private enterprises, local government, not for profits, educational institutions, supplier networks and peak partners from across Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The Nex Gen Procurement Ecosystem maximises outcomes by connecting trusted procurement solutions in one network

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Centralised Hub

Access your central, branded and configured interactive procurement hub.

Procurement Platform

Market leading go-to-market platform for all quotes or tenders needs.

Data and Analytics

Comprehensive cleansed reporting dashboards, in the procurement context.

Procurement Services

Leverage our specialist expertise to deliver procurement services across your organisation.

Technology Solutions

Digitise to remove inefficiencies and risk, better use resources and identify opportunity.

Capability & Training

Uplift procurement and contract management capability for all stakeholder levels.

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Delivered with our partners

“ Our Partner Solution program brings qualified, integrated solutions into our industry leading Nex Gen Procurement Ecosystem. It makes technology and service choices much easier for our hundreds of procurement partners and other organisations from across Queensland and the Northern Territory.”
Glen Duff
Director of Nex Gen
Procurement & Partnerships

Procurement Services

Looking for specialist expertise and support across your procurement needs?

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Technology Solutions

How can digitisation help fix process inefficiencies and identify more opportunities?

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Reporting & Analytics

Are you in a position to make data driven decisions across organisational spend?

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Supplier Management

Would you like no-cost access to our pre-qualified tendered supplier network?

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Reduce Risk

Seeking to lower your risk profile through better practice and risk management?

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Control & Visibility

Struggling with controls and visibility of operational or strategic spend profiles?

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Looking for savings, and value beyond savings i.e. social spend or economic outcomes?

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Increase Compliance

Would you like better solutions to increase compliance across your organisation?

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We provide industry-leading Procurement Technology and Services for:

Extensive expertise and experience in the private sector delivers fit-for-sector strategies leading to best practice commercial procurement solutions.

Born from Local Government DNA, we have strong experience in delivering cost-effective solutions suited to highly regulated environments.

Delivering strong value to the NFP sector, including our fully funded Nex Gen Procurement Ecosystem and service options to further support the unique challenges of the NFP sector.

With the centralise and decentralise nature of this sector, our solutions are well suited to deliver operational and strategic benefit for the school and higher education envitronment.

Our owner, Local Buy, manage the largest tendered pre-qualified supplier network across QLD and NT. This network is available to buyers at no cost for quoting, driving efficiencies and improved outcomes for buyers and thousands of  qualified suppliers.

As part of a Peak Body, our owner, Local Buy, is in a unique position to partner with other Peak Bodies. Local Buy look to partner where they can advance procurement and support buyer/supplier networks across regions and sectors.


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