Nex Gen Procurement Ecosystem

We provide our Procurement Services and Technology Solutions to all organisations across the Queensland and Northern Territory market.

Nex Gen Procurement and Local Buy are in Newstead, Queensland at LGAQ House. We have in-house and partner expertise located across Queensland and the Northern Territory who deliver our Procurement Services and Technology Solutions.

We have a unique understanding of sectors and the challenges they face. Our solutions suitable for any size organisation including those with no, small and large procurement functions. We will bring the best expertise to deliver on your operational and/or strategic needs and will move at your pace, including staged or extended deliverable timelines.

The Nex Gen Procurement System is fully funded to all Queensland Councils and eligible Not-for-Profits as part of Local Buy’s commitment to advance procurement. Nex Gen provides industry-leading functionality to transform how organisations engage with their supplier network (including thousands of already pre-qualified suppliers). The system offers a range of features that streamline the procurement process, improve speed to market and deliver powerful dashboard reporting and insights. Other organisations can license the procurement ecosystem directly from us.

Yes, you can access 1000's of already tendered pre-qualified suppliers, at no cost. We do the hard work, on-boarding additional suppliers every three (3) months and pre-qualifying each and then managing supplier compliances ongoing. We also often work with organisations to pre-qualify their supplier network (if not already done). We ensure advanced capability and compliance rigour, appointing only suppliers that are genuinely capable in providing the goods and services. This is a competitive, pre-qualified marketplace that delivers better procurement outcomes.

Our Nex Gen Procurement Ecosystem meets the needs of most small and large organisations; however, many organisations are now seeking to leverage further technology to solve broader challenges. Technology solutions are available for many functions, and often included in organisational strategic plans to drive operational efficiencies and maximise outcomes. Our expertise includes procurement technology professionals. We start by first understanding the challenge, then we identify the most effective technology solution to support your objective. 

With over 200 procurement professionals, including industry leaders, our sector and subject matter experts are here to deliver on your needs. We'll work with you to identify the best solution to meet your objectives in the time frame required. As a full-service provider, we can meet your procurement service’s needs, by offering an easier procurement offering that delivers all your requirements. To get started, just get in touch.

This is a common concern, so you are not alone however in our opinion, it should not stop progress. Whether you need procurement services or technology solutions, we'll work with you to ensure that strong change management support is provided as required. Our teams have worked with hundreds of organisations to ensure positive outcomes.

Procurement Technology delivers strong returns on investment for any organisation. This includes the ability to drive process and operational efficiencies across the organisation and with visibility of spend dashboards, it allows you to identify strategic opportunities. Our team of procurement and technology experts can support you with executive engagement, demonstrations and business cases to support your internal requirements and prove the return on investment.  

Great, we are available via the contact form, phone, and email details below. We look forward to hearing from you.


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