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Procurement technology plays a pivotal role in government and business, with lower barriers to entry and cloud technology offering powerful and innovative solutions. As with almost any other area of your business, technology can increase the productivity of your procurement function, while reducing process costs significantly.

Our technology solutions enable the entire procurement and acquisition life-cycle, from planning to award through supplier and contract management. You no longer need to pay for big complicated “all in one” systems which are not procurement at their core. Our solutions are industry-leading, modular, integrated or stand alone, and cost-effective with efficient implementation time-frames which deliver quicker returns on investment.

Policy & Planning

Policy guidance and procurement planning will save time and money, ensure compliance, measure objectives and ensure strategic objectives are met.


Everything you need for any sourcing event from planning, supplier discovery, sourcing to payment is available within an integrated solution set.

Contract Management

Advanced solutions that help with effective contract management, including deliverables, deadlines, terms and conditions and much more.

Grant Management

Use grant management tools across the management lifecycle, from pre-award planning to final reporting against the deliverables.

Contractor Management

Access our wide range of contractor technology options, and ensure that each contractor and worker stepping onto your site is fully compliant.

Other Solutions

Access our full range of industry leading solutions that are modular and cost-effective, meeting your current and future needs.

From planning, source-to-pay, contract management or other modules, our standalone or integrated solutions are scalable for 1 user to 1000’s of users. Our Partner Technology Solutions are well suited for all types of procurement functions and organisations.

“ Having experience in both procurement and procurement technology fields, I’ve spoken to hundreds of organisations about both. I know that our Technology Solutions provide organisations like yours with a low risk implementation delivering industry leading outcomes in shorter time.”
Glen Duff
Director Nex Gen
Procurement & Partnerships

A word from our Partners about our Technology Solutions

Glen Duff

Director of Nex Gen
Procurement & Partnerships

Matt Clyne

CRO VendorPanel


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